New Horizon Mitigation Services was founded in 2010 at the height of the housing and economic recession with one purpose – to assist retail sellers and buyers and their representatives in pre-foreclosure sales. Since then we have assisted nearly 500 homeowners throughout New York and New Jersey avoid foreclosure through a workout option known as the short sale.

We are a small group of energetic and motivated professionals who seek success in every situation. We have gained expertise through years of tireless effort proactively managing, processing, and negotiating short sales. We pride ourselves on our ability  to work with any and all organizations and individuals over extended periods of time to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and reach a successful closing in fair time. 

As a specialized paralegal service, we work directly for the seller’s attorney or the seller’s Realtor and in the best interest of the  seller client. Although short sales are our expertise, we do provide additional services. Please visit our Services page to learn more!