Our primary focus is short sale transaction management. For over seven years our team has been efficiently managing short sales for a variety of clients with an exceptional success rate. There are a number of ways to engage our services. The list below explains in more detail the various responsibilities we take on for our clients. We strive to make your experience with short sales more enjoyable and less strenuous. We have you covered from start to closing!

Document Processing

Our efficient paperless system and CRM software allow us to keep close track of all document requests and actions taken on each and every file. We are familiar with all major software platforms used by lenders.

Diligent Communication

We utilize e-mail, phone, and fax communications every day. We are available to handle inquires and new information on the fly. Updates and other relevant information is passed along to the appropriate parties. All irrelevant or inaccurate information is filtered so to keep the process as simple as possible.

BPO & Appraisal Coordination

Whether only one valuation is needed, or several throughout the time we are handling a file, we ensure the correct parties are in contact so the property can be accessed and lender valuations can be completed quickly.

Judgment & Lien Negotiation

Title encumbrances often cause a snag in the goal of reaching a closing. Our team is capable of working with any judgments on title to ensure proper payoffs are obtained and that title can transfer to the new owner.

Sale Terms Negotiation

This essential aspect of our functions shines above the rest. Not only do we facilitate but we also negotiate – for the best possible and most fair terms for all parties involved. Reaching an agreement on purchase price and other sale terms especially when dealing with multiple lien holders is more often than not an arduous process. We have worked through countless scenarios and obstacles including value disputes, negotiations related to commissions, utility payoffs, subordinate lien payoffs, HOA payoffs, owner incentive payments and more. Our skillful staff can get to the bottom line when dealing with lenders so that we reach an approval in fair time with all factors considered.

Closing Coordination

Although most of our responsibility is centered around obtaining short sale approvals from lenders and other creditors we also support all parties in reaching the closing table. Many activities still occur after an approval is obtained and it is often that closing extensions are needed. Continuous follow up and coordination is typically necessary to ensure all the parties are completing appropriate tasks and meeting deadlines in order to close. Our team has you covered all the way through to the day of closing.

Sheriff Sale Adjournments

It is imperative to monitor and be aware of any scheduled sheriff sale during the short sale. An auction can occur at any time despite the ongoing short sale review. Our staff provides guidance on when and how to request adjournments in order to gain more time if needed to complete a transaction.


Contract Paralegal Service

We are typically hired directly by the seller’s attorney to provide robust transaction management and administrative services required when working with short sales. We work hand-in-hand with the listing agent, seller client, and related parties. Our fees are paid by the law firm upon closing.

Listing Co-Broker

As a licensed NJ Real Estate broker, we can be hired directly by the listing agent or listing firm to perform our short sale services. Through a referral agreement or co-brokerage agreement our office can provide the same support and services we offer to law firms. Our fees are paid from a portion of the listing firm commission. 

Full Referral

If referral business is what you seek then we have the solution. Simply refer a seller client to us and we will handle the rest! From listing to securing a contract, to managing the short sale and following through until the closing is complete we provide the full service and you receive a generous referral fee!

Seller Direct Hire

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial difficulty relating to real estate we can help. We can provide useful information and we can even be hired by an owner to plan and execute a strategy to mitigate the situation either through a short sale or other solution. This applies to both foreclosure and non-foreclosure scenarios.