We specialize in short sale transaction management but our team of paralegals is prepared to assist with any distressed property sale, loan servicing, or loss mitigation / asset management work. Our services include the following:

Contract paralegals

Our team primarily works for law firms throughout NJ & NY but we are capable of working in any state. We are hired directly by the law firm to provide robust transaction management and administrative support. Our business model allows firms to hire us without the up front and ongoing costs of a traditional employee. We can also provide real estate settlement and other similar services. Please contact us to inquire or learn more!

Private lending

At times our managing partners or affiliated partners lend capital to organizations or individuals for short-term projects. These projects include property acquisitions or renovations, and funding of creative solutions when necessary for our clients.

Loss Mitigation &
Asset Management

We continually seek opportunities to assist organizations with loan servicing, asset management, and loss mitigation services. Please contact us to learn more!